Test Your Ductwork for Leakage 

Most homeowners are not aware of the biggest energy waster lurking up in their attics. It’s their ductwork. Recent studies indicate that, on average, most home ductwork systems leak by as much as 35%. Airwest Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc can tell you from experience that it can go even higher than that. 

Duct leakage is just throwing money out the window. If the air you are paying for is lost into the attic, it is going to cost you a lot more to heat and cool your home. And if the leakage is on the return side, you could be pulling hot unfiltered air into your home. 

We recommend that every homeowner get their ductwork tested. We have the instruments to test for leakage and can give you a guaranteed price to seal those leaks and save you money. Contact us today, and one of our comfort advisors can explain the importance of ductwork testing with you. 

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