Heating Gas FlameBelieve it or not, most heating systems in southern California are oversized.  Because our furnaces also provide the airflow for our cooling systems, we typically select our furnaces with air conditioning in mind, even if we don’t install air conditioning at the same time.  You also have many more options available for furnace units.  While  80% efficient furnaces are the minimum allowed, we have furnaces as high as 96% efficient.  You can expect an annual saving of approximately $100 by going to the more efficient furnace model.

Newer furnaces also give you such choices as modulating, two-stage and single-stage gas values operation.  Modulating and two-stage gas valves will give you more precise heating control.

If fan noise is a concern, variable-speed and two-speed fan motors will offer you a quieter operation than single-speed models.

Our Comfort Advisors will be happy to go over all your options and help you pick out the best heating system for your needs and budget.

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